All Tor links are just a few clicks away
right in your Tor Browser's bookmarks

About tormarks

We are a dedicated team of programmers-entrepreneurs, actively working on this project as our top priority. We approach our work with utmost seriousness, aiming to simplify Tor navigation to the greatest extent possible. We believe we have made significant strides in achieving this goal.

Have you ever wondered how you used to navigate Tor before? As a new Tor user, you likely had no bookmarks or links. Searching for a link, especially a search engine or link directory in the clearnet, was not easy. You would click on a link (slow loading due to Tor lag), navigate through directories (slow loading again), and finally find the links you were looking for.

With tormarks, the process is streamlined. You can import hundreds of popular onion links, including more than 50 Tor search engines and over 100 Tor directories (if you still need them), in just a few clicks. Then, open bookmarks instantly using the hotkey Cmd + B or Win + B in Tor Browser, query your keyword in the bookmarks search box (instant), and go to the link! The entire process takes about 1 minute, including importing tormarks. This approach is much faster, and you have all your links in your browser at all times, eliminating the need to wait for directory loading. It may seem like a small difference, but in practice, it significantly enhances user-friendliness. Give it a try!

It is like a Tor onion links directory, but in your Tor Browser working as fast as it can be at all. And you can manage it as you want!

We update the tormarks collection each day, adding new links, removing broken ones, and managing all the work that each Tor surfer often does himself. So, if you want to use that freed-up time to rest or do something interesting, just come back to tormarks and get the updated links collection and have it in your Tor Browser right away.

Let’s simplify Tor Network usage! 😈